A Californian World Traveler Snapped A Photo Of Two Kitties Cuddling And He Swears The Pic’s Legit


A world traveling photographer from California who goes by the name @pacificreverie on Instagram has seen his fair share of stray animals in his travels. But when he went on a sight-seeing two-week trip to Turkey, he found tons of stray kitties. But only two particular ones among the lot seemed to be cuddling together and he swears the photo wasn’t staged at all.

Curious Case Of The Cuddling Cats

Instagram / @pacificreverie

The Californian world photographer was walking down the Bosphorus Canal in Istanbul, Turkey, when he saw something that had him doing a double take! There were two cats standing on the side of the road, seemingly cuddling with one another. He couldn’t believe his eyes. At first, he must’ve thought it was just a confusing angle.

The Scene Was So Sweet And Adorable, He Felt The Need To Capture It!

Instagram / @pacificreverie

So, he quickly took out his camera and took a couple of photos, afraid the kitties might start to move, and he would miss his shot of capturing such an adorable moment. But he worried that people might think he manipulated the images of these two lovebirds, or in this case, lovecats.

But If You’re Familiar With His Work, You Would Know He’d Never Rely On Cheap Trickery To Pull Off a Shot

Instagram / @pacificreverie

Just check out his site, Pacific Reverie. At first, he thought that the cats might be cuddling out of necessity. After all, it was quite chilly that day, so huddling for warmth would not have been out of the question. But then he asked himself, why would they have exposed themselves to the elements atop of this wall if they were trying to avoid the cold weather? It just didn’t make sense.

They Were At Peace

Instagram / @pacificreverie

They didn’t seem to be trembling from the cool wind, thankfully. So these two little lovecats weren’t cuddling out of necessity. Besides, everyone knows that cats tend to be serial cuddlers. There’s nothing they enjoy more than stretching out on a couch right by your side while you finish reading your favorite novel!

Serial Cuddlers

Instagram / @pacificreverie

Cats can be very emotional creatures too, and they enjoy bonding with each other just like any other animal, and these photos clearly proved it. You could even say they were acting very human. In fact, they were probably on the wall braving the cold just so they could enjoy the view like every other tourist and local in the area.

It’s A Reflection Of Love

Instagram / @pacificreverie

As far as the photographer knew, these kitties had probably planned this outing. Their likeness was also quite uncanny. Maybe they were twins. Who knows? But with all the beauty that’s scattered around Turkey, we’re surprised that this California man was lucky enough to stumble on these adorable cuties!

Friendly People, Friendly Cats

Instagram / @pacificreverie

Turkey is truly a beautiful place to visit. Not only do you get to meet some of the friendliest people on the planet, enjoy some fine cuisine, but you also get to enjoy the friendly felines that seem to roam around everywhere you look. Who could resist taking a snap?

Turkey Is Truly Unique


The California native explained in a Bored Panda essay that he didn’t expect kitties would be this friendly and open around random strangers. Not only were they roaming the streets freely, but the locals were super friendly with the cats too. “The road is often lonely and I always want to play with stray animals to alleviate this feeling, but they’re usually too afraid of people. When I arrived for a two-week sight-see in Turkey, I couldn’t believe how many stray kitties roam the streets and cafes, and how aggressively friendly they are!” he explained.

He’s Planning on Coming Back!

Alamy via The Economist

Like many other travelers out there, the photographer was surprised to find so many stray kitties that seemed to be really comfortable around people. Some would even follow you home. Istambul is known for its ancient history, jaw-dropping architecture, and their now infamous kitties that roam the streets. Not only do they seem to be well-fed, but given how affectionate they are, it’s safe to assume that neighbors around Istambul are pretty taken by them. “Needless to say, I loved Istanbul and can’t wait to return. I miss the kind people, the scrumptious food, and of course, the little furry ones. I wonder if some of them, too, miss me back,” he added. And we certainly hope he gets to go back to Turkey soon, so he can snap a few more pics of these adorable furry creatures!

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