10 Bathroom Design Fails By Designers Who Clearly Have Never Used One Before


When you step into a public bathroom, you expect it to have the same creature comforts as the one you use at home. But in this list, we’re showing you some of the oddest and most uncomfortable bathroom design fails ever. Trust us! You’ll be wondering what on Earth these designers were thinking. Clearly, they weren’t using their brains!

Sitting In Judgment

Reddit / goregyle

Just imagine what it would feel like to try to go number one or number two when your performance is being judged by a jury of your peers. We’re not sure how comfortable we’d feel trying to do our business in this bathroom. Would you be able to do this? Probably not! And who could blame you?

Worst Mirror Ever

Reddit / lavitaetroppobreve

Good luck trying to check your makeup or your hair in this public bathroom mirror a Redditor found at a bar in Italy. They added all these lines that make it pretty difficult to get a good look at your own reflection. We’re guessing the bar doesn’t want people spending all day in front of the mirror. Plus, you won’t be able to take a badass bathroom selfie either. You might just have to wash your hands and go. Bummer!

The Toilet’s So Narrow

Reddit / prongs995

This toilet was obviously designed for a supermodel. But the rest of the world probably wouldn’t be able to plump themselves down on this narrow toilet seat. We need something that’s a bit rounder! But in a crunch, we could probably sit sideways. It sure beats using the sink or the bathtub!

Stretch For That Toilet Paper

Reddit / Tekki

Did they forget to tell you? You have to be some kind of mutant to stretch your arm far enough to grab the toilet paper in this bathroom. Maybe you can use the power of your mind to get the toilet paper to float all the way to you! Seriously, what where they thinking?

The Seat’s All Wet!

Reddit / Jonwyattearp

Public restrooms are scary enough. You never know how clean the toilet seats are. But to make things worse, now you have to look at this seat and wonder if it really is wet or if it’s just some elaborate design fail to mess with your head.

Worst Sink Pattern Ever

Reddit / bergerNfries

Seriously, what were they thinking using this type of pattern for the sink? It looks like some toddler dug their hands into their dirty diaper and started smearing it all over the sink. It makes you wish you’d brought a bottle of hand sanitizer in your handbag.

Ice Cream Ad In The Bathroom

Reddit / Logical_like_Spock

The last thing any of us want to see in the bathroom of an ice cream shop is an ad like this one. It makes us wonder where they get their chocolate ice cream batch from. But just to be on the safe side, we’d recommend ordering vanilla flavored ice cream.

Hawkeye Is Watching

Reddit / Chester_117

It doesn’t matter which side your bread is buttered, going number one at this urinal must be tough when you have actor Jeremy Renner, aka Hawkeye from “The Avengers,” watching you do your business. He looks so judgmental too!

Not So Wheelchair-Accessible

Reddit / Cadenceminge

This is just embarrassing! We don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Seriously though… didn’t the designers ever take a moment to look at the work they had done and realized they had fudged this design up? This was supposed to be a wheelchair-accessible bathroom, but there’s no ramp. We feel bad for whoever actually needs to use this bathroom. It’s a lawsuit waiting to happen!

I See You!

Reddit / goodluck_canuck

How about using a bathroom with a translucent door like the one this Redditor was stuck with at this Airbnb? It’s bad enough that you’re always interrupted by your parents, spouse, or kids at home when they ask, “how much longer are you going to be?” But imagine having to deal with someone actually peeking through to see what you’re doing in the bathroom while you’re doing it! That’s just super creepy!